I’d like to introduce you to one of my first muses….my dear sister Johanna.

Johanna is 3 years older than I am but we have been mistaken for twins since we were kids.  For a laugh I’ve shown the above photo to people and told them that it was me in drag. She was rather abusive when we were kids but I worshiped her nonetheless.  In my eyes Johanna and my mother were the most beautiful women in the world…..or at least they would be if only they would listen to a few suggestions.

I felt that there were not nearly enough sequins in my mother’s wardrobe and Johanna should be wearing more eye make up and tighter clothes.

This is kind of what I had in mind……

The last time they came to visit I decided it was high time to give Johanna the full treatment and finally recognize Nico’s vision.  When he saw his mother in full glam he was quite pleased and commented that a metallic catsuit would complement the look quite nicely. We all agreed that a catsuit was exactly what this look was calling for.

My sister now lives in Barcelona with her Husband and kids and luckily her oldest son Nico is watching out for her.  He is only six years old but is adamant that she should be picking him up from school in red lipstick and heels.  I couldn’t agree more.

                                                                                                                                                                                                I started with an intensive brow shaping session.  My sister is not one to pluck her own brows so when we see each other we get down to some pretty hefty maintenance.

I used a flesh colored pencil from Three Custom Color to  highlight the hairs I wanted to remove so I could preview the shape. This is a great trick if you have a full reshaping to do and don’t know where to begin.  It lets you decide which shape you want to end up with before you begin.  It’s a trick I often use if I ‘m trying to convince a client to let me change their brow shape.   They always feel far more comfortable once they can see exactly what I plan to do.

Johanna has beautiful skin and the most adorable freckles but–since this shoot was inspired by old Hollywood studio portraits–I used a pan stick from Make Up For Ever to give her the flawless full coverage finish seen in those classic portraits.

Wispies from Ardell are one of my all-time favorite lash styles .  I applied two sets…one on top of the other for an ultra dramatic effect.

Using my fingertip I smudged a Gunmetal Aqua Cream Shadow from Make Up For Ever all over her lids and blended it softly upward just past the crease  and outward toward the temple . The shade is called “Anthracite”.

The blush was “Prism” by M.A.C.  Prism is always in my kit.  A universally flattering “rose”-hued blush that adds just the right amount of warmth and tone.

The lip color was Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour – 18 Rouge Noir.

This is a shot I took of my sister at my best friends lake house.

While transforming Johanna into the Glamazon I had always envisioned in my youth was incredibly fun…..this is how she looks most beautiful……no make up and smiling 😉

Johanna is a brilliant writer and has a blog of her own.  Check it out

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3 thoughts on “Muse

  1. Oh! Nico just saw this and said “See Mommy, in real life you’re really pretty! If you just take off your pony tail, brush your hair, get in a nice dress and put some boots on then you’re actually really pretty!” I guess he subscribes to the Jake way of thinking!

  2. Kristen S. says:

    Jake, you are AMAZING, and Johanna, you are gorgeous, always have been inside and out. So proud to be able to say you two were such great friends to Kara and I growing up, wow you both are remarkable. Always, Kristen

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