Katy Perry

I had begun working with Katy Perry on the set of the “Hot and Cold”  video just months before this photo and she was quickly becoming famous.

I was talking to Katy’s manager at a party  two nights before the Hilton shoot and he asked me if  I could recommend a photographer who could take some pictures of Katy that they could use for tour merchandise.  This was in the very beginning and there was no budget to speak of so they needed someone good but also someone who could work on a shoestring.

“Funny you should ask…”

I told him about the Hilton shoot I was planning  and that I would already have the equipment rented. I would do make up and we could do it at my house.

We made a plan to do it after Katy’s appearance on Ellen since she would already have her hair and make up done.

I had borrowed some red satin curtains from a store on La Brea and hung them in my dining room as a backdrop the day before.

The red satin suit is vintage Thierry Mugler  as is the black velvet jacket with the butterfly cuffs.  Both were borrowed from The Way We Wore.

That’s  my backyard!

These are my dogs in the same backyard.

One week later Katy’s manager called and told me that Billboard wanted to use this image for the cover!!

This is a perfect example of what I call “Classic Katy”

Ivory skin, pink cheeks, bold brows and red lips.

These are the key products I used to get this look:

For an old school matte full coverage finish  I used Vichy Dermablend Foundation #25.

On the cheeks I used discontinued Chanel blush in “Turbulent”…Please for the love of god bring this shade back!

The red is one of my all time favorite reds.  Nouba lipstick #54 .  This metallic red pops like no other.  I first found this brand in a drugstore in Moscow and bought up just about the whole line.   It’s not carried in too many places so your best bet is to get it online.

I coated her lashes with the legendary Diorshow Mascara.

To add a touch of sparkle to her eye make up I lined her lower lashline with Urban Decay 24/7 liner in “Baked”.

I filled in and pronounced her brows using Lancome Le Crayon Poudre pencil in brunet.

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